Nancy Hawkins Meyer


Nancy, the realtorBusinesswoman

After her divorce in 1975, Nancy had to quickly find a way to make a living. She acquired a realtor license and launched a career as a realtor. It was a vocation she
was well-suited for and she was quite successful at it, although it meant that most of her waking hours were spent with a phone attached to her ear.

A savvy businesswoman, Nancy handled her mother's finances as well as her own. An avid reader of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, she invested wisely in stock.

Nancy also invested in real estate, purchasing a couple
of two-family homes in Webster Groves. Living in one
of them, she rented and managed the other three residences.

receiving service award
Left: Receiving a service award from Laurene-Davis Realty, where Nancy work for 20 years.
Right: A typical pose during her realtor years, Nancy was never far from a phone or a cigarette.
always at work

Nancy and coworkers

Nancy and coworkers, Jim and Rose Getz, at Laurene-Davis Realty.