Nancy Hawkins Meyer


Faculty Wife

For 22 years, Nancy was the wife of a college teacher, and she played the role of faculty wife well, hosting parties and attending events. But Dick wasn't just a teacher; he taught theatre, he directed theatre, and he worked with lots of celebrities. That made the life of a faculty wife exciting.

Nancy reveled in her role of the director's wife. She always looked beautiful on opening night, and she threw cast parties that were talked about for months. Down-home parties with chili and beer, charades, and singing around the piano. But she could also throw together an elegant dinner party for a visiting celebrity. Much more than "the wife," Nancy was a lively conversationalist and a fun-loving host.

Dick, Arthur Miller, and Inga Morath

Dick with Arthur Miller and Inga Morath

Nancy and Dick with Inge Morath, Arthur Miller's wife, at the opening night of "Up From Paradise" in Ann Arbor (1974).

Charades at cast party

Charades at a cast party in Tallahassee