Nancy Hawkins Meyer


Nancy (bottom-left) with Drury friendsFriends

Nancy was a social being and friends were extremely important to her. She continues to maintain friendships that are almost as old as
she is:

  • Barbara (DeGroot) Birge is a close friend whom Nancy has known since kindergarten.
  • Nan Johnson she met in college (center in picture on right with Drury group).
  • Nancy's friends from Springfield have maintained a "round robin" letter that has circulated for 50 years. (The group has also taken many
    trips together.)
  • Al Mocher, her close companion for many years, died of Parkinson's disease in 1999.
  • Bill Leach, a student of Dick's in 1954, was a close family friend over the years. He died of cancer in 2004.
  • Ferd Zienty, Nancy's son-in-law's father, was a good friend for many years. He passed away in 1998.
  • Lois (Frick) White has been a friend since they met in Arkansas in 1952.
  • Ray and Jackie Betts have been friends since Grinnell, 1961.
Nancy and Jean in 2000 Nancy with Werner in 1949  
nancy and werner in 2004
Nancy and Jean in 1932
Jean (Thomas) Gravel lived across
the street from Nancy when they
were children, and they are
still good friends.
After Nancy moved back to St. Louis,
she reconnected with Werner Born, whom she had dated before she met
Dick, and they remain friends.
Bill Leach
Al Mocher
Ferd Zienty
Lois White